About Me


mom of two children



Lil’ Miss M. 

and Mr. G (Guapo The Pug)


 and a bunch of formers: former physical therapist, former middle-school English teacher, and former in-control, sane person.

Married to Mr. Parenting on the Loose (Mr. POTL): a funny, patient, very calm man who keeps us stable and laughing.

Trying to parent “on the loose” (Lil’ Miss M’s words) as opposed to like a crazed office manager. Somedays succeeding, many days failing.

Things that make me happy:

coffee (strong), wine, sparkles, books, pens, cards (greeting, not playing), practical jokes, mojitos, hip hop, flip flops, pillows, pinatas, and sea creatures (except jellyfish)

Things that make me stressed:

jellyfish, 4:00 p.m., dinnertime

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