Where I’m From

I haven’t written anything other than school papers in so long that I forgot how to log into my site. I’m putting this out there to get myself writing again. I based this poem on George Ella Lyon’s poem “Where I’m From,” which you can find here: george ella lyon where i’m from . I highly recommend doing the exercise yourself. It brings back a lot of memories.

I am from picking blueberries in long-sleeved shirts

while swatting away the mosquitoes

I’m from Sandy Point

and sand dollars

I’m from dump rides on Saturday mornings

holding the steering wheel of Dad’s big pick-up truck

I am from a family of fishermen

people who love the sea

I am from “fishing” off the mouth of the Merrimack

where my father baited my hook

and I pulled in the fish

and screamed until my mom and dad removed it

I am from John Denver’s Some Days are Diamonds

and Country Roads, Take Me Home

I am from blueberry pancakes and corn on the cob

mocha frosting and congo squares

flounder and haddock with Ritz-cracker crumbs

and from watching sunsets from a rocking chair

I am from kids who rode our bikes until dark

and caught tadpoles in the stream out back

from flashlight tag in the cornstalks

and Nancy Drew under the willow tree

I’m from swatting at green heads through the month of July

and sleeping in the basement on hot summer nights

I am from an Episcopal church

where I stood and knelt so much

“I might as well be Catholic” according to Grampa

I am from Gram and Gramp’s Congregational bean suppers

where I learned that church is about the people

and God is about the connection

I am from Dad, who told me stories ’bout girls named Amy,

who drew maps and graphs as he helped me with my homework,

and carried me from the car when I pretended to be asleep

I am from Mom who taught me the names of every flower

and painted me pictures to hang on my walls

I am from a family of hearty appetites

of early-to-bed and early-to-risers

I am from a family of great “idears” and many talents

a family of savers, not spenders

because a penny saved is a penny earned

and “two hundred window panes might be worth something some day”

I am from line-dryed clothes

that froze in the winter,

and caught bees in the summer, which led to some stings

but smelled like nature and air and Heaven all in one

I am from Ivory soap

that I still use to remember my grandmother

I am from farmers and gardeners and boaters and builders

artists and sewers and bakers

I am from humble people who would never tell you all they’ve done

who might not tell you what they feel

but would make you a casserole, bake you a pie, give you tomatoes

picked from their garden

all because they love you.

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2 Responses to Where I’m From

  1. susana says:

    Thank you for this beautiful poem it has made my day

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