Ten Things I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Parenting

Isn’t that a great title?

Well, how about this:

Ten One or Two Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Parenting.

My little Peanut turns ten today. I always thought I’d have a big list of all of the things I’ve learned about parenting by now. I’d be a better, smarter, wiser parent after ten years. I’d know when to hold my ground; I’d know when to acquiesce. I’d be grounded; I’d be patient. I’d be fun yet firm, compassionate yet motivating.

Huh. I can’t say that’s the way I am. I try to be all of those things. But often I am impatient. Or grumpy. Or unsure. That wasn’t my plan. I wanted to be amazing.

So what have I learned?

I have learned that you shouldn’t leave a baby on a couch alone and look at the baby with a scared face. (I just learned this piece in child development.)

Sierra Exif JPEG

And I have learned that sometimes Aaron Neville says it best.

Here you go, Peanut:

Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstandt singing her this duet from 1975  2008:



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