Who Wants To Go To The Beach?

My kids used to love the beach it.  Love it. We’d pack up the car and drive an hour or two to get to a beautiful beach. They couldn’t wait. And then we moved to a town right at the beach…beaches everywhere.

What happens to kids when you live near a beach?

They get spoiled.

They become selective in which beach they would like to go to and at which tide.

Sometimes, they don’t want to go to the beach at all.

They ask questions and make comments like this:

Will there be big waves?

J: I want big waves because I want to body surf!

M: I don’t want waves because I want to swim!

Will there be a sea breeze? (Really.)

What’s the tide? (True Dat.)

How much seaweed will there be?

M: I hate seaweed! (Shiver.)

J: I want to make a castle with seaweed!

Can we invite (insert names of ten friends here)?

Why not?

What am I supposed to do at the beach if (insert ten friends’ names) don’t   come?

Is he (her brother) coming?

I don’t want him with us.

I s she (his sister) coming?

I wanna play with Mia!


(Sigh.) Last time we went, I got SO sannnnndy. (Shiver.)


Can we get ice cream?

OK, I’ll go.


I just hope I don’t get all sandy. (Shiver.)

The aforementioned children not having fun at the beach:


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