Some Say Puppies Are Like Babies

We got a puppy a few months ago, a snuggly little pug puppy, full of mischief and teeth.

Wherever I go, people say, “Wow, puppies are a lot of work. It’s like you have a third kid. A baby!”

Recently, another mom said, “Phew. You must be exhausted. I hear it’s like having a newborn.”

And I replied, “Ohhhhh, no. Not a third kid. ‘Cause this puppy doesn’t have colic or reflux and throw up all over me while I have to bounce him on the physio ball or bounce him in the sling while whooshing and shwooshing while he screams and screams and doesn’t stop and I think I’m going to go crazy and end up in an asylum somewhere.”

And I saw her open her eyes in what I’m pretty sure was horror.

So now I know:

1. It’s better to answer “yes, a puppy is like a baby.”

2. I still have PTSD from the colicky baby state.

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3 Responses to Some Say Puppies Are Like Babies

  1. you do! so glad that this puppy isn’t like *your* babies were . . . and as a friend said to me, puppies *are* a lot of work, but you can crate a puppy and run to the supermarket, and you can’t (well, you shouldn’t) do that w/your kid. happy happy puppies!

  2. Lizzard says:

    You. Are. Hilarious.

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