I’m Not a Psycho

The kids and I were about to get off the Maine turnpike after driving three hours in the pouring rain. When I got off at the toll, I realized I was in the wrong lane, so I put my arrow on and waited to get to the left. The woman on the left then yelled, “Get out of the way, you psycho!” (As an aside, I was in the way of the people on the right, and they were not yelling at me.)

The kids to one another:

JJ to Mia: What’s a psycho?

Mia: A crazy person.

JJ: Mommy’s not crazy.

Mia: I know, I mean sometime’s she’s a little bit crazy but not like psycho crazy.


Mia to me: Mommy, that lady’s the psycho.

JJ: Yeh, she’s the psycho. You’re not the psycho.


Sometimes it helps to get a little confirmation.



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