I’ve been trying to keep my spirits up with the move and the rain and the end of the school year by posting funny things, but here’s what’s really on my mind. Mia and her friend, Connor, have walked to school together every day all year. They have helped each other when they were nervous. They have made each other laugh by running into mailboxes and rolling in the grass. They have somehow overcome┬áthe division of boy humor and girl humor. And they simply looked away when friends said they were in love. Both of our families move at the end of the year, but I will always remember these walks and this beautiful innocence. May they always be friends, and may Mia always rock the leg warmers with rain boots.

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  1. Dawn Hennessey says:

    I love reading your stuff, you are so talented!! How sweet that is….where are you moving to anyway??? I would love to catch up one of these days:) Not sure how this works but email me back some how…. I miss talking to you! xoxoxo

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