Someone’s Selling Pajama Jeans

Questions since preschool pickup 15 minutes ago:
Why do octopuses and spiders have 8 legs?
Why is this curly? (a chip)
Why did Helen Keller fold her napkin?
Why can’t you hear the L in talk?
Why does everything end with an “uh”?
Why does this have an arrow? (a lemonade bag)
When was 2011?
When will it be 2013?
When will my birthday be?
Why did I want to have my party at home?
Why don’t you have pajama jeans?

It always comes back to the pajama jeans.

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4 Responses to Someone’s Selling Pajama Jeans

  1. Georgeann says:

    Loving the pajama jeans. My question is why don’t you have pa-joveralls?

  2. Amy says:

    Those will be next. They just came out with pa-joverall shorts. Sweet.

  3. Nina says:

    Ha! It does always come down to that, doesn’t it!? In all seriousness, baby #4 (and last!) is four months old and it’s time I put away the maternity jeans . . . cousin of the pajama jean.

    • Amy says:

      Sorry for the delayed comment. I think four months post fourth baby is quite amazing to be retiring the maternity jeans. Here’s to you! (The weather allows for some good flouncy dresses-no waist needed for any of us.)

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