Deep Conversations in the Car, Conversation 2301

My kids seem ok despite Britney Spears…
Mia got a CD from a party with Britney Spears “I’m in love with a criminal” on it,” which makes for your typical “Deep Conversations in the Car.”
Mia, singing: “I’m in love with a criminal, criminal.”
Why, Mommy? Why is she in love with a criminal?
me: wha? Um, well. I don’t know. That’s pretty sill, huh.
Mia: But she is. Why do you think she is?
me: I don’t know. Different people fall in love for different reasons. I’ll love you know matter what, but try not to fall in love with a criminal (laugh laugh).
Mia: Yeh, I’m gonna fall in love with a banker. Or a writer. And who’s Aubrey on the side? (“all reasons inside”)
me: I don’t think there’s an Aubrey in the song. I think maybe we’re hearing it wrong.
JJ: She’s in love with a CWIMINAL?
me: well, yes.
JJ: like Dr. Doofenshmewwtz?
Mia: Right! Right! Like Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Now WHO would be in love with him?
JJ: Yeh, WHO would be in love with him?
Mia: I like to sing this song, but I don’t get it.

I love that girl.

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