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Checkin’ In and Checkin’ Out

I am back home, feeling shame after my attempt at volunteering in the school library. Librarian (clutching chest): Wait. Wait. Did you RENEW a book? Me: Yes. I renewed that one. Librarian (shaking head, darting behind desk): Oh no. No. … Continue reading

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Throw the Tree off the Balcony…and other advice

I’m thinking back to holiday clean-up in my ’20′s. Living on the 3rd floor, we girls didn’t want to bring the tree down the stairs b/c that would mean cleaning up needles, so we threw it over the balcony. The … Continue reading

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The Day Cycle of Siblings

1. Siblings wake up and are totally surprised the other one exists. 2. They fight for alpha position by exerting control over a certain couch cushion, which varies by day. 3. After 20 minutes, both believe they have won, and … Continue reading

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