And Now You Know the Rest of the Story (thank you, Paul Harvey)

It’s that time of year when we can all start feeling a little glum. The weather isn’t so great. Germs are ricocheting from kid to kid, house to house. We end up stuck inside more, maybe on our computers more–the perfect time for Facebook Depression to strike. You know what I’m talking about. You’re home in your sweat yoga pants, un-showered, trying to figure out how you’re going to work off those extra pre-holiday/post-holiday pounds, surrounded by sick kids when you decide to take a quick peek on Facebook.

And what is this? Trixie McFlanigan is in the Caribbean with her hot husband? They are having the best time ever? They have never been so in love. And the pictures? Trixie is rockin’ that bikini! You look down at your yoga pants and, Good God, you vow to shower today.

Then you feel a pit in your stomach because you really, really want to be happy for people. What type of person have you become? Envious? Out of sorts? You want to feel grateful for what you have, germs and extra pounds and all. But it’s so much harder to do that when you haven’t got “The Rest of the Story.” (Remember Paul Harvey?)

That’s where I come in. I’ll tell it like it is. We’re all good at taking great photos and posting happy status updates. This week, I’m going to let you know what happened behind the glorious pictures, starting with Dave and my 10-year anniversary trip to Captiva.

Ok, we did have an amazing time. But see this picture of Dave crossing the bridge in our rented convertible? Well, there’s a story there. A story of how a couple who thought they were still kinda cool and young and fun realized they were actually a lot older and crankier and bothered by the sun. See, twelve years ago, we went cross-country in a convertible. We were young and fun. We had a blast. We rode with the top down most of the way, blasting our cassette tapes. On this trip, Dave surprised me by renting a convertible. How romantic. How incredible, I thought. So, five minutes into the drive when I was feeling hot and sweaty and thinking I was going to end up with a headache, I did not want to say anything.

Then I started getting a headache. Casually, I said, “Hey, think we can pull over so I can get my visor?”

“No problem.”

“And I was going to grab something for my arms, too.”


We both bundled up.

We drove. I waited. I turned on the a/c. “I know this is so bad, but I can’t ride in this heat without the a/c.”

“OK, you cannot ride in a car with the top down and the a/c on. Let’s put the top up.” (Dave is the voice of reason. I get desperate.)

We tried the same thing the next day to no avail. The sun! The heat! The glare!

We drove approximately fifteen minutes with the top down in the car that looks so amazing and fun in pictures. But would I post in a status update: We got this awesome convertible but the sun was bothering my eyes, so we decided to put the top up? That would be no. I would not post that. But I would post this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed this PSA from POTL. Remember: there’s always a story behind the updates and the photos.

And now you know the rest of the story. In an attempt to relive their youth, couple realizes they are no longer young but practical (blah!) adults.


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