Monthly Archives: December 2011

Why Swearing Was Invented

Clearly, it was over a day like today, when a mom like me learned her 4 y.o. would actually be on vacation THIS Friday instead of next Friday.  

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My Coffee Machine’s Trying to Tell Me Something

Whenever my coffee machine gives me a teensy tiny cup of coffee, I feel like it’s trying to tell me something. Something I don’t like.  

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Feeling a lil’ crazy this holiday season? Let me diagnose and treat you.

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Santa? U R there?

Without even thinking, I told JJ that I just texted Santa and told him to bring one less present. Texted Santa? Who am I?

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A Slight Misunderstanding

Today when I picked JJ up at school, his teacher said, “Oh. You have to hear what JJ wished for. It was so sweet! We all made wishes and other kids wished for toys and candy but, JJ, what did … Continue reading

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